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DOUZE V2 Brose E-Bike Bakfiets




The evolving and modular DOUZE

The cargo bike with infinite possibilities

The DOUZE V2 is a unique model in the cargo bike market, by being separable into two parts in less than 3 minutes. This is a major advantage when transporting, storing it and adding to it. It is also the focus of innovations developed by DOUZE Cycles, such as steering by cables and the rear scalable frame.


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Infinite number of combinations

The DOUZE V2 has been designed to reflect you. Choose the length of the front frame, the shape of the rear frame, the colour and any components from the menu. Its open platform accommodates a multitude of compatible pieces of equipment.

For each use, there is a solution. To transport children or take advantage of its lockable box, the DOUZE V2 knows how it is done and does so perfectly. You are unique and so is your DOUZE V2!

The DOUZE V2 Classic is an extremely accessible cargo bike. With its simple and robust design, it is driven by muscular force.
Whether you are sporty or love Sunday rides, the DOUZE V2 Classic is made for you. Its rear Open frame allows it to switch, if you wish, to electric assistance while pedalling.



Quick split system

DOUZE Cycles is the only cargo bike manufacturer to offer such an innovative system.

Quick split system allows you to remove the front frame from the rear frame in under 3 minutes.
You can then easily take your DOUZE V2 on holidays and park it wherever you are staying. This innovation also gives you the opportunity to switch the frame according to your needs, for example, as your family grows, you can graduate to a front frame of 600 to 800mm.

Cables steering system
This exclusive steering system by cables offers exceptional manoeuvrability!

Steering by cables, developed by DOUZE Cycles, allows turning of the front wheel by 75° to the left or the right for exceptional manoeuvrability and turns in confined spaces.
This system is adjustable, requires little maintenance and up to any challenge, with its stainless steel reinforced cables and Kevlar sheathing.

Open rear frame
One frame with multiple combinations.

The rear frame of a DOUZE V2 is supplied with an interface allowing changes to the transmission.
According to preferences, you can install a conventional chain set, a gear box or a central motor, all while keeping the same frame. With this innovation, you are assisting sustainable development.


Two shapes of rear frame

The DOUZE V2 comes in two frame shapes. Beyond the distinctive design and lines, each shape also distinguishes itself by its usage.

The rear step-through frame allows ease of access, when mounting or dismounting from the bike very quickly. The low tube also offers a variety of uses, whatever may be the cyclist’s habits. Long dresses are allowed!

With its high horizontal tube, this frame has a very sporty appearance. The flowing lines make its shape very harmonious. This positioning makes the Messenger’s frame more rigid and so it is cleared for all professional uses. One interesting detail with this type of frame, while stationary, is that the cyclist can take both hands off the handlebars and maintain the bike upright with his legs.


Three lengths of front frame

You have a choice of three front frame lengths, with load zones of 400mm, 600mm or 800mm.
With 400, this is the most compact, yet ultra-dynamic shape. With 600, this is the mainstream format. With 800, the king-size format, never short on space




According to your requirements and the terrain you are using your DOUZE on, we can offer you various transmission solutions. The Enviolo Sportive Groupset and SHIMANO ALFINE could be supported by a GATES CARBON DRIVE belt.
For the more demanding of you, the DOUZE V2 Classic can even accommodate a gearbox (6, 9 or 12 speeds) in the chain set,
total efficiency!

Dérailleur 1X9 speed SRAM

The rear dérailleur, SRAM X5, is the benchmark, displaying excellent performance.
Resting on an ultra-light chassis with an aluminium clevis, this 9 speed dérailleur uses the renowned 1:1 technology, which demonstrates great simplicity of adjustment and reliability when faced with any challenge. It also benefits from the Direct Route concept, ensuring direct and quick activation of the mechanism, for greater precision and reduced friction when changing gears.

SHIMANO ALFINE 8 or 11 integrated speeds

The integrated ALFINE 8 and 11 gear boxes have available to them a wide development range. Their mechanisms are fluid and allow going through the gears “on the move”. They do not need any break in pedalling to go through to the next gear. You can even change gears at a stop (easy move-off). They are supplied with grips of the type “shifter rapidfire”.

Enviolo Sportive Groupset, speed on the go

Enviolo speed regulators are revolutionary. This hub with its progressive and linear gear change mechanism brings with it a new level of comfort in use. You will find the best transmission ratio, without indexation, to pedal at the proper rhythm without getting tired. Its structure has been reinforced and its wide range of uses is perfect for use with cargoes. The intuitive joystick allows gear changes, even when stationary. To try it is to buy it, as you will never want to do without it again.

PINION C1.6 / C1.9 XR / C1.12

PINION transmissions offer wider ranges of use (295% ratio for the C1.6 – 568% ratio for the C1.9 XR – 600% for the C1.12) in completely integrated casings. They produce exceptional transmissions.
Compared to an external dérailleur, the transmission does not get clogged up, as it is enclosed by a watertight casing, the chain does not come off (linear rotation) and maintenance is reduced to a minimum (emptying every 10,000km of once a year). As the final advantage, going through the gears is simplified, as there is only one grip to go through 12 ratios.




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