Identiti Rebate XL 1420 Forks

Rebate XL 1420 Forks
rigid forks.
465mm Axle to Crown.
€ 165,59
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REBATE JUMP 1420 XL Forks.
New XL Jump Rebates - designed for riders who have long travel suspension
forks, and want to retain a closer geometry using a rigid set-up.
(40mm longer - at 465mm Axle to Crown)

The Task:
To provide a version of the Identiti Rebate Jump fork for those riders with an existing
20mm T-axle front hub set-up.
We got to thinking (something that some other companies could try sometimes) and
we figure the reason to have a 20mm T-axle set-up is to help tie the 2 wobbly ends of a
suspension fork together (which, apparently, they do quite well).
HOWEVER... the Rebate doesn't go up and down and therefore doesn't need any more
lower leg rigidity than a conventional QR hub will give... because - erh - it's a flamin'
RIGID FORK to start with !
So... do we need all manner of heavy dropouts together with fiddly and farty bolts
onto the 20mm T-axle that make the fork heavy and make wheel removal a pain?
...well, we don't think so...
Plus, wouldn't it be handy if the finished fork and axle set-up could accept BMX
pegs - if you want ?
Hence... the REBATE 1420 is supplied with a 20/14mm axle convertion system,
and lightweight CNC relieved 14mm BMX style dropouts.
This means that the REBATE 1420 will accept your regular 20mm T-axle hub
and finishes with straight forward, nice and easy to use BMX style 14mm
threaded axle and nuts.
This is way way stronger than the bare minimum system that the Rebate
needs, and way way lighter/faster to use than a normal 20mm T-axle
An I.S, disc mount is welded on in case you need that disc brake, and of
course, you can also retro-fit the Identiti V-adaptor brake pivots at
24 or 26" if you want.
On top of all of this - you still get the Rebate Jump fork specifications
of variable wall thickness heat treated CNC steerer and butted and
re-enforced legs...
things that make the Identiti REBATE one of the strongest and lightest forks
out there...
Identiti... thinking technology !


Rake (forward off-set) - 36.7mm.
Dropout: 6mm thick, CNC 14mm slot with safety feature.
Spacing: 110mm O.L.D. (for T-axle systems ONLY)
I.S. disc mount inc.
Black Gloss finish
inc. 20/14 axle.
Optional extra clamp-on V-pivot system for either 24 or 26".

Diameter1 1/8 inch
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