Genetic Schizo Pedalen

Genetic Schizo Pedalen
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Genetic Schizo Pedalen

Genetic Schizo Pedals
The term schizophrenia comes from Latin and means "split mind."
If you can't decide between a decent alloy cage pedal that can accept regular sports footwear, or a "clipless" clip-in type pedal system that requires special cycling shoes with cleats..., then Genetic Schizio may be just what you are looking for.

If your favourite bike is one that you like to ride with cycling specific footwear - then, you almost certainly will appreciate the benefits of using a "clipless" system pedal, but, if you also use the same bike to pop down to the local Post Office (or wherever - hick !). whilst wearing normal sports shoes, and you don't want to have to change either your shoes or your pedals each time... then the double sided Schizo pedals could be the ideal pedal for you.
Genetic Schizo pedals are balanced so that the regular alloy cage face will usually present itself. making a quick dab and a get-away problem free with or without clipless footwear.and then can easily be flipped over once riding, to gain the full benefits of a clipless system.

Genetic Schizo pedals tech:
- Cr-Mo axle with sealed bearing system.
- Forged Alloy body.
- Size: 93.5 x 66 x 28.5mm
- 1 side with regular pedal cage.
- 1 side with Cr-Mo clipless system, supplied with cleats (Shimano SPD type)
- Compatible with Shimano 98A or 51 SPD systems.
- Barrel silver finish.

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