Praxis crankstel Alba M30 DM X-spider
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Praxis Alba DM X Spider

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Now with Levatime II X-Spider & Rings 
| Deep in the hills of Santa Cruz, cyclists are met by a nasty, four mile, 1800 ft. climb named Alba Road.  This respected ascent was the inspiration for our Alba road crank.  With its shapely forged-alloy arms, M30 alloy spindle, new LevaTime II X-Spider and rings and M30 BB (required and sold separately), the updated Alba-X is ready for anything you pedal up against. The Alba can be installed in a BSA, BB86, 386EVO, BB30, PF30, T47, BBRight or older Specialized OSBB road frame. 

LevaTime II is our new generation of shifting tech.  Updated to a new stiffer LT2 5mm big ring, this allowed our engineers to increase the amount of shift features and the type of shift features we could forge into the ring.  It also allowed us to use our new fast engaging forged shift pins to improve shift speed.   Holding it together with even better support is our beefed-up LT2 forged X-Spider.    All of this adds up to the fastest and most snappy feeling shift we’ve ever produced. Full spec below.


  • With Levatime II X-Spider/Rings (Simple Version/Steel CR bolts)
  • Forged AL arms  160/ 165 / 170 / 172.5 / 175 lengths
  • 48/32,  50/34,  52/36,  53/39
  • 8mm Alloy Main crank bolt for Install/Self-Extract
  • M30 Spindle | Requires Praxis M30 BB
  • Works with 10/11sp chains
  • Approximate weight :  840g  +/- (172.5 with 50/34)
  • Q-Factor 147mm
  • Forged crank arms
  • M30 Spindle/Bottom Bracket System
  • 2X Cold Forged rings
  • 2X LevaTime II shifting tech
  • 1X Wave™ tooth profile ring

The Alba M30 road crank uses our Praxis M30 spindle/BB.  M30 bottom bracket versions offered : BSA, BB86/90/92, BB30, PF30, 386EVO, T47, and BBRight.
SHIMANO — Praxis rings shift great with both Di2 and mechanical Shimano 10/11sp drivetrains.  Highly suggest Shimano, KMC, or Campy chain.
SRAM — Praxis rings shift great with the e-Tap and mechanical SRAM 10/11sp drivetrains.  Highly suggest Shimano, KMC, or Campy chain.
CAMPY — Praxis rings shift great with the EPS and mechanical Campy 10/11sp drivetrains.  Highly suggest Shimano, KMC, or Campy chain.

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