Ritchey Superlogic Low Riser MTB Stuur

Ritchey Superlogic Low Riser MTB Handlebar
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Ritchey Superlogic Low Riser MTB Handlebar

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These Superlogic Low Riser bars from Ritchey are designed for Cross-Country, Marathon and Enduro rides where quality is key. The carbon riser bars utilise premium materials and are rigorously tested for impact strength and durability.

- For cross-country, marathon and enduro riding
- Approved for aggressive trail riding, yet still light enough for XC racing
- Long grip area maximizes accessory mounting space
- Material: Carbon
- Width: 710mm
- Rise: 15mm
- Weight: 145g
- Size: 31.8
- Finish: Matte UD Carbon

About MTB Handlebars

Mountain bike or flat handlebars can be made from carbon or alloy and feature various clamp sizes and bends. Oversized mtb bars have a 31.8mm clamp area, while standard bars have 25.4mm. Cross country bars are usually relatively straight, but can feature different rises which bring the grips and levers higher up, these are known as riser bars and come in low, medium and high riser bar formats. Downhill bars tend to be made of a stiffer more durable material, so are stronger and slightly heavier than a XC bar.

About the Ritchey brand

Ritchey is well known for ingenious mountain bikes and parts, but Tom Ritchey was building world class road frames and rethinking every part of the road bike as early as 1974---long before mountain biking came along. After decades of refinement, Ritchey road components are the lightest, strongest and highest quality parts available, and race proven by top professional teams in the world's toughest pro races. Look for Ritchey components on team bikes in the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, World Championships and Spring Classics, as well as countless other races.

Breedte stuur71 cm
Diameter Stuurklem31,8 mm
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