Ritchey WCS VentureMax Drop Bar

Ritchey WCS VentureMax Drop Bar
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Ritchey WCS VentureMax Drop Bar

It’s all in the name – Ritchey’s newest addition to their rich handlebar lineup is made for adventure. The VentureMax is just as applicable on a cross country tour as on cross country singletrack. Intended to ride wider than typical drop bars, the VentureMax is measured at the initial bend rather than at the hood. While it boasts a number of attributes including multiple hand positions, it’s the return of the Bio-bend in the drop that adds to the signature look and feel of this bar.

Evo sweep of 6 degrees
24 degrees of flare
Ergo Bio-bend
Compatible with all hood types

About Ritchey Brand

Ritchey's story began more than 35 years ago out of dissatisfaction with the parts that existed in his time. Heavy wheels and components that lacked functionality and elegance. With like-minded friends, Tom Ritchey created a new genre of bikes to race down Mount Tamalpais - mountain bikes. Over time, Tom's company Ritchey Design has expanded its product range to include numerous other components in addition to frames - innovative, light and stable products that meanwhile bring fun to generations of riders on the tracks. The inspiration for new parts often comes when Ritchey is riding on his bike. Together with his development team, Tom Ritchey puts his ideas into practice, striving to create ingenious improvements for existing products as well as breakthrough innovations. Thanks to decades of experience, a well thought-out design has been developed that defies fast-moving trends.
Diameter Stuurklem31,8 mm
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